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Film review: Dunkirk (IMAX 2D)


This film packs a powerful emotional punch.  Actually, it gets you in the gut.

If you get the chance you should see this in IMAX.  The big screen and massive sound give you the feeling that you are right up close to the action.  Each bullet sounds deadly and the aircraft engines vibrate you in your seat.  The story deserves to be told on this scale.

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Film mini review: Interstellar


A few points:

I’ve enjoyed several of Christopher Nolan’s previous films and was really looking forward to seeing this, especially on a big screen.

It looks good on a big screen, but it does not look amazing.  I was expecting amazing.

It starts off slowly.  It has a story to tell and is in no rush to tell it – it clocks in at just under 3 hours.  This is pitched as sci-fi blockbuster but is more space opera.  There’s nothing wrong with that but I went in having purposefully avoided seeing trailers or reading anything about the film and I did not get what I was expecting.

The sound sometimes overpowers some of the dialogue.  I thought it might be just my screening but it appears that others had the same problem.  I also felt that the soundtrack was trying too hard to manipulate your emotions.

Apart from that, I left the cinema thinking it was a good film and I enjoyed the story even if I did not totally understand it.


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