Mini review: The Bureau – Season 3 (Le Bureau des légendes)

Season 3 is more challenging.

There is a change of tone in this season of The Bureau – less tension-building and more storytelling. We are now watching the fallout from the major revelations of the first two seasons.

The unflinching action continues as we follow the parallel stories:

Guillaume Debailly /Malotru: held hostage by ISIS

Marina Loiseau: a new mission overseas but her time in Iran has left its emotional scars

Nadia El Mansour: building a new political career

… and that’s just the start. There’s a lot going on – out in the field and behind closed doors.

Impressively, the series still manages to surprise. You also realise how much you have become attached to the characters.

Roll on, season 4…

My reviews of the previous seasons of The Bureau

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Season 3 is harder to get your hands on in the UK in comparison with the first two seasons, which are either free on Amazon Prime or easily found on DVD.

You should take particular care if you are looking for a DVD on a site like Ebay as often the version on sale is from the US. These are region 1 DVDs which you cannot watch on standard DVD players in the UK – for the UK you need region 2 DVDs.

One option would be to do what I did and buy the complete box set from Amazon France, but this was not cheap and the price has risen in the meantime.

If you are an Amazon Prime customer the best option could be signing up for the Sundance Now channel at £6 per month. You may well be able to watch this season (and season 4) in the free trial period.

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