Radio: The Grace of Jeff Buckley (BBC Radio 4)

This is an excellent programme on the early days of Jeff Buckley and his premature death.  It features an exquisite live version of Grace performed on his first UK radio appearance.

It brought back some memories:  at the end of 1994 I was studying in Lyon, France.  The music magazine I was reading kept mentioning Jeff Buckley and by the beginning of 1995 I finally checked out the album Grace.  It was sublime stuff.  I saw that he had a small tour in February and tried to get tickets only to be told that they sold out a long time ago.  No problem, I thought, I’ll catch him next time round.

Later in the year I went to the club where he had played to see another band.  It was a tiny venue and the stage literally was a platform raised a few feet off the ground.  You could stand right next to the stage, no barriers.  I thought it would have been amazing to see Jeff there.  For those people there, I’m sure it was astounding.

A couple of years later I heard he had died unexpectedly, having drowned whilst swimming in the Mississippi river.  Whenever I think back to this I wonder what it would have been like to have been at the concert – according to the radio programme we lost a live performer of great power and intensity.

• BBC Radio 4:  The Grace of Jeff Buckley


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