Mini review: “London Match” by Len Deighton (audiobook version)


When I first read London Match – the final part of the “Game, Set and Match” trilogy by Len Deighton – about 13 years ago I thought it was the least exciting of the three books.  However, now I have had a chance to read (listen) to the book again I have changed my mind.  It is as strong as the others, but different.  There is a lot of detailed storytelling going on.

We are dealing now with the full-on repercussions of what has come before.  Bernard suspects there is a second mole in the London office and suspicion falls in particular on one member of staff, although Bernard himself is not out of the woods yet either.  There are also doubts about the Russian defector Eric Stinnes.  Could he still be working for Moscow?

Where originally I thought that the book got muddled in the middle section, I can now see that there is a lot of office politics going on.  Many people are jostling for position and are determined not to be held responsible for failures when the music stops.

In the early stages there is a lot of history thrown in as conversation which is well integrated and very interesting.  Also, having read all three trilogies featuring the main character Bernard Samson and knowing the ultimate outcome of the entire story it is fascinating to pick up on some of the actions of the characters.

This makes you appreciate the scale of Len Deighton’s ingenuity at telling a story at such length.  I would highly recommend this series to anyone.

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