Mini review: Six Degrees of Assassination (An Audible Drama)


Audible’s first radio play is a fast-paced political thriller that takes its cues very much from current headlines – an act of terrorism has been committed: the murder in cold blood of the British Prime Minister.  Suspects come from many corners of the globe and have their own motivations.

But that’s not all…  relationship problems for the main characters and behind-the-scenes political power games are added to the mix.  Not entirely original but they do add to the tension really well.  The play is broken down into chapters which end with cliffhangers that make you want to keep listening.  It made me think of I Am Pilgrim, which is basically an action film in book form, unashamedly out to take you for a rollercoaster ride.

The play is about 5 hours long.  This gives the story time to develop but also imposes a deadline.  Towards the end it becomes quite claustrophobic.  There are shades of Day of the Jackal – a well executed race against time.  Be aware that there is swearing – not gratuitous in my opinion, but frequent.

This is an excellent first step for Audible, in particular, since this is a very much a British story.  They evidently see this market as worthy of decent investment.  Production-wise this is as good as any drama on the BBC.

Highly recommended.

• Audible:  Six Degrees of Assassination: An Audible Drama

• Audible:  FREE FIRST EPISODE: Six Degrees of Assassination: An Audible Drama

• Youtube:  Six Degrees of Assassination – the trailer


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