Mini review: “Mexico Set” by Len Deighton (audiobook version)


The is the second book in Len Deighton’s “Game, Set and Match” trilogy.  Bernard is sent to Mexico City to convince his Russian adversary Eric Stinnes to defect.  Upon his return to London the personal impact of the events of the first book become very apparent.

It does not take long for the plot to warm up and for the wry sense of humour to permeate the story.  The tension mounts as does the death toll.

This is one of the first spy stories I read, back in 2003.  My original review is here.  Spoiler: I really liked it.  And I still do.

Stick around at the end for the author’s note – it’s worth it and it puts this book in perspective when you consider it is an early book in a series of three trilogies (and a standalone history, Winter, which provides background to the whole story).  If you are planning on reading more of the series, start thinking about what Bernard doesn’t know…

I love that these books are being released (slowly…) as audiobooks.  It gives me a chance to re-read them whilst experiencing them in a new way.   It makes sense that the same narrator is used for all three books of the trilogy and he now seems very comfortable with the character of Bernard Samson and Bernard’s rhythm when telling the story.  It is very well done.  Deighton’s story-telling comes across as effortless and the narration does well to reflect this.

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