Mini review: “A Man Without Breath” by Philip Kerr (audiobook version)


I really enjoyed the first two Bernie Gunther books I read – the slightly lightweight Prague Fatale and the harrowing Field Grey – but I found this one harder to get through.  Too hard.   The plot involves Bernie being sent to western Russia to investigate the massacre of thousands of solders in a wood outside of Smolensk.  This was a real event and you can find out more about it elsewhere.  The same was the case with Field Grey.

If you are a fan of this series of books you will learn more about the main character – things that make him even more morally ambiguous.

The narration is done by the same person as before, ensuring that it is of a consistent high quality although it does suffer more here due to the large number of characters involved and some sounding similar.

The story takes a long time to get going and try as I might I did not finish the book – a rare occurrence for me.  I got about 10 hours into the 16 hour book and just felt that the story still wasn’t going anywhere.

A disappointment and a bit of a shame.

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