Hugh Howey on the FLOSS Weekly podcast

FLOSS Weekly is a podcast that features interviews with people who are heavily involved in open source software projects.  I don’t listen to all episodes of the podcast but I do listen if a project sounds interesting. I was surprised to find a recent episode featuring Hugh Howey, author of the Wool trilogy, and had to take a listen.

Interviewing an author of science fiction seems like a strange choice, but Hugh tackles subjects including self publishing, DRM, piracy and collaborating with others.   FLOSS Weekly is part of Leo Laporte’s TWiT network and I would have thought that Triangulation (a more wide-ranging technology / culture podcast) would have been a better fit.

I don’t think that this totally worked but even so, well done to both sides for doing it.  Hugh does seem to be unafraid of mixing it up with technology sites – he can also be found on a recent O’Reilly Radar podcast talking about driver-less cars and more…

• FLOSS Weekly: Self publishing

• Spare Cycles: Hugh Howey-related posts


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