Mini review: “A Morning for Flamingos” by James Lee Burke (audiobook version)



This is an early book in the continuing adventures of Dave Robicheaux, a cop in the state of Louisiana in the American deep South, in whose company I am happy to spend many an hour.  This time Dave (and his buddy Clete) are getting involved in the murky world of dealing drugs, and once again his demons and his current problems go hand-in-hand.

This is a very good book.  Reviews for this and other books in the series often state that the author manages to keep the quality high.  This is my third outing and I’m starting to believe it.  This will not be the last James Lee Burke story I read.

I’ve said before – and I firmly believe – that good narration can add a lot to a story.  The narrator this time is Mark Hammer; his slap-it-on-thick Southern accent gives the character of Dave Robicheaux more depth than I could ever give him in my head.  For me, that voice is Dave Robicheaux…

… and therein lies a problem.  I want to continue listening to this series of books but the others I can get are narrated by Will Patton.  I’ve previewed several of these books on Audible and although they sound very professionally done, the voice has changed.  I wonder if that is going to be an issue for me in the future.  I hope not.


• Spare Cycles: Book: A Tin Roof Blowdown


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