Mini review: “Berlin Game” by Len Deighton (audiobook version)


I rarely read a book twice – let alone review it twice – but this popped up on Audible out of the blue and I could not resist.  Berlin Game was the first book I read in the espionage genre and led me to read the majority of Len Deighton’s books.

That was over a decade ago now and it was with some trepidation that I started listening.  What if the book is not as good as I remembered?  What if I found that the book has dated or that it does not compare with books I have read since?

No such problems here, I’m pleased to say.  I loved being back in Bernard Samson’s company.

In relation to the narration: the narrator is the same person who also did the recent “Spy with no name”/”Harry Palmer” novels.  He does a very good job, handles accents and place names well.  It was a little jarring at first as it did not sound like the Bernard Samson voice I had in my head when reading the books the first time round, but that soon went away.

The good news is that the remainder of the trilogy is also coming out in audio format.  Mexico Set is due out in October 2014 and London Match is out in December.  From what I remember, Mexico Set is even better than Berlin Game, so I can’t wait…



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