Mini review: Third Shift – Pact (Part 8 of the Silo Series)



Looking back, its been more than a year since I reviewed the previous parts of Shift and a lot has happened in the world of Wool in the meantime.  Shift is now out as a book containing all three parts of the story.  Not only that but the final part of the trilogy – Dust – is also available, so reviewing the final third of a book after all this time now seems like a strange thing to do.  Still, I thought it would finish off the reviews I’ve done so far.  Reviewing Dust at some point in the future will be a lot more straight-forward.

This part of the story looks at two things in particular – the workings in Silo 1 (Donald taking charge, finding out some answers and settling some scores) and Jimmy’s life as the last survivor of a Silo that has been shut down.  This second aspect of the book works really well.

Going back to the story after so long made things a little confusing at times but this is not something that you will experience if you are reading the whole book.   It reminds you that Hugh Howey is a really good writer.  He knows hows to leave you with a cliffhanger.

This is a satisfying end to the book but overall Shift does not match the original Wool story.  I remember that – a couple of years ago – as soon as I had finished Wool I was waiting impatiently for new parts of the story to arrive.  I have the feeling that at the time Hugh was writing Shift he was trying to keep up with demand and maybe something suffered.  I didn’t feel the same compulsion to read on.

Even so, if you enjoyed Wool, Shift is well worth exploring.

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