Mini review: “The Silence Of The Lambs” by Thomas Harris (audiobook version)



This is a blistering, intelligent thriller and well deserves the praise heaped upon it.  It may well be a quarter of a century old but it matches and surpasses most of the so-called thrillers that have come since. Don’t overlook it because of its age or because you saw the film years ago.  One thing that is clear reading the book is that this is Clarice’s story rather than that of Dr Lecter.

I picked this up as the narration had excellent reviews on Audible.  From the very beginning the audiobook adaptation is creepy, especially the introduction read by the author. That slow southern drawl is delicate but full of underlying menace; it has an inherent way of dialling up the tension.  This is one of the best audiobooks I’ve heard and I would recommend this over just reading the book.  If you like listening to stories don’t miss it.



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