Mini review: “Field Grey” by Philip Kerr (audiobook version)


Having read Prague Fatale – my first Bernie Gunther book – I went straight on to this.  I wanted to spend more time in Bernie’s company.  This time we find out more about his life during the war through interviews he does with various intelligence agencies.  From Cuba to America, from France to the Ukraine, a lot of ground is covered in this story.

This book makes Prague Fatale seem relatively light-weight.  The scale of atrocities mentioned is sickening – and it is not just the persecution carried out by the Germans.  The Germans also suffered mercilessly at the hands of the Russians.

There is still a sprinkling of Bernie’s wisecracks at certain points, but the subject matter means that overall this is an unpleasant read, although very compelling.

It seems a bit too long but the story twists more than anything I’ve read in a long time and in that regard it is a very satisfying book.

As with Prague Fatale, the narrator does an excellent job, very consistent over the two books.  I look forward to listening to more.


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