Radio: MINT: The Next Economic Giants (BBC Radio 4)


After the BRIC countries comes the next round: Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey.  They are each looked at in detail in this four part series from Radio 4.

Mexico comes across as confident and likely to succeed.  Indonesia appears to be experiencing a construction / housing boom whilst ignoring its lack of infrastructure.  Nigeria has great entrepreneurial spirit and some influential personalities ready to propel the country forward – if only the electricity supply would hold up and some people would stop skimming money out of the system.  Turkey sees itself as one of the world’s great trading nations and is willing to look anywhere for work, ready to pick up the roughest challenges.  Its influence is spreading in all directions in the region. They believe that they are a powerhouse and are investing heavily in the country. Big business from around the world is also investing in the country, almost shrugging off any political struggles that the country is experiencing.  The journey to becoming an international economic giant is well underway.

In retrospect, the BRIC countries seem like they were a good bet.  As for the MINT countries, they have a long way to go even if there are some signs of progress today.  Nothing is guaranteed, although Turkey and to some extent Mexico are out in front at the moment.

• BBC Radio 4:   MINT: The Next Economic Giants

• BBC News:   The Mint countries: Next economic giants?


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