Mini review: “An Officer and a Spy” by Robert Harris (audiobook version)

An Officer and a Spy

I came to this audiobook with high expectations.  I have listened to audiobooks of three of Robert Harris’ earlier works (Pompeii, and the books about Cicero in ancient Rome, Imperium and Lustrum) and have been very impressed each time.  The narrators have always been excellent and this book is no exception.  The narrator here is David Rintoul, who did brilliant work on The Day Of The Jackal.  His measured delivery and the fact that he is comfortable dealing with snippets of French benefit this story immensely.

As for the content itself, this is a very solid piece of work from Harris.  It is compulsive reading if not necessarily thrilling.

On a side note, the title of the book itself is also open for interpretation: are we talking about the two principal characters of the story – one an “officer”, the other a “spy”?  Or is the narrator both?  Or the alledged victim? Do both men qualify for each role?

On a second side note – come on Mr Harris, where is the third part of the Cicero trilogy?


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