Next steps towards Data Science

After my last Open University course  (Analysing Data) ended in June, I gave myself the summer off.  I read a number of books and enjoyed the time that was previously taken by study with my family.  I decided that the time demands of another OU course (along with work commitments) would be too much at the moment.

But that does not mean that I can’t carry on towards my goal of moving into the field of data science – I just need to approach it at my own pace.

There are a few new books that are starting to get to grips with what is a new and largely undefined subject, especially “Big Data“, “Doing Data Science” and “Learning R” .  I feel that people can now become a lot more informed about what is involved.  There is now more flesh on the bones.  From here on in I’ll know what is actually involved and what is needed to get there.  The more I do and the more I find out, the more challenging it seems.  Daunting even.  But I firmly believe this is a foundation for the future and I fully intend to take part, even if there is a long way to go.

So, what’s next?   These are things that can be done concurrently.  I intend on doing more practical work.

• Continue to learn Python – I’m getting to grips with the basics

• Read “Doing Data Science” – I’ve started, and I think it will be a real education on what is really involved

• Start “Learning R” once “Doing Data Science” is finished, although Python will be the focus for the near future.

That should keep me busy for a while…


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