Mini review: “True Detective” by Max Allan Collins (audiobook version)


When I got the Kindle one of the first books that I picked up as a Daily Deal was a short story collection featuring Nathan Heller called Chicago Lightning.  I had never heard of the character before but I liked the idea of a fictional character being featured in real events: in this case he is a Private Detective in 1930’s Chicago.  The portrayal of the city and the time is done incredibly well and Heller mixes with a number of low-life criminals,  high-life criminals (Al Capone included) and lawmen of the time (stand up Eliot Ness.)

True Dectective is the first novel in a long series (“the memoirs of Nathan Heller”) and I will be reading more, especially as this is the first book of a trilogy.  I enjoy spending time with the character – he has a really wry and sardonic attitude to life.  He has some morals when many others on the police force and elsewhere do not, although he is far from being an angel either. And all the better for it.

I haven’t actually read any Raymond Chandler yet, but if you’re into that genre I think you will be right at home here.



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