Mini review: “I Am Pilgrim” by Terry Hayes


This book came at me out of nowhere.  I follow a blog that reviews crime books but specialises in Scandinavian noir, as is the fashion these days.  I’m not quite sure why I do follow it as I’m not normally a fan of the genre – I’m not into bleak serial killers who come up with new, sick and twisted ways of disposing of a human body.  I often wonder what the writers themselves are hiding if they can be so vicious on paper…

Anyway, this book came up.   It was a spy thriller, so a little out of the ordinary for the reviewer.  It also has the prospect of being her book of the year.  Impressive, at least potentially.  Sounded right up my street.

I found out that the book was written by a screenwriter of action films, and once you start reading it is clear you are in for a ride.  This guy’s job is to deliver thrills.  He nails it.  Chapters are short and make you want to keep reading.  Suspend reality for a while and go with the flow…  but buckle yourself in first.  It’s weird for me to think of it this way but it is not just easy reading , it is friction-free entertainment. There is only one reason why you’re here – to be grabbed by the lapels and be taken on the most enthralling, coolest adventure in town.  All you have to do is keep reading.  Just try to stop…

There are only a few reviews out there about this book.  There is no official website.  If this book takes off it will be purely by word of mouth.  I seriously hope the momentum builds behind this story and it just explodes.  The author is writing another (unrelated) thriller at the moment.  I’ll be in the queue for that one…

The publicity that does exist compares the book to Day Of The Jackal.  It’s not quite in that league but it is not a million miles away.  This book is a four-and-a-half-out-of-five star book.  To put it into perspective, Jackal is a six-out-of-five star book.

However you take that, do yourself a favour and read this…


One comment

  1. Sarah

    Thanks for the reference to my blog. I don’t like bleak serial killers either! Glad you liked ‘I am Pilgrim’. You definitely are in for a ride.

    I’m adding your blog to my feed…

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