My first website – now back online…!

come in

A while ago I came across a backup of the files that made up my very first website from 1997, when I was working at CERN.  I had been inspired to learn some HTML for a couple of reasons:

1) I was working at the birthplace of the World Wide Web

2) I had some time to kill on the night shift.

So I fired up Netscape Communicator 4 and started experimenting.  I was very proud of my creation at the time, although to be honest I thought there was a little more of it.

The site has had a couple of homes over the years, from to Geocities, but each time the host provider either reclaimed the space or closed down.

Now Google has a way of hosting a (simple) website from Google Drive, which you will have if you have a Google account.  It’s pretty straight forward and perfect for this use case (and free…)

My first website

• Lifehacker:  Host Web Pages on Google Drive


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