Drafts for iPhone


I don’t normally mention apps, but I heard about this from Merlin Mann and it sounded interesting.

Just type in some text and send it elsewhere.  Great for sending text messages, email to specific people, items to a to-do app, Tweets, entries into your calendar, updating text files on Dropbox – all a lot quicker than opening the specific apps themselves.  I’ve found dictating into it works well.

If you do the same thing with text more than a few times, it’s worth setting up an Action.  I keep finding new uses for it.  Brilliant.

Well worth a couple of quid of anyone’s money.


Drafts app

• Macworld: Hands on with Drafts 3.0 and its impressive new organization tools

Macstories: Drafts 3 Review: Better iOS Automation and Workflows

Lifehacker: How to Use Drafts to Speed Up Your Mobile Note Writing


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