Mini review: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card (audiobook version)



Earth has been attacked twice by an alien race.  The military don’t want there to be a third time and are looking for a commander able to fight off the aliens if they return.  They think they have found their new leader – a six year old boy.

The boy – Ender Wiggin – comes from a family where all three children are special.  These remarkable Wiggin children will impose themselves on the world, but in different ways.  The relationships between them are an integral part of the story.  However, principally the story is the character of Ender himself, and that is the book’s strength.

Ender is sent to Battle School – taken and isolated from his family so he can learn the necessary skills.  When I looked up information on the book before I read it, this was the main part that people were focusing on.  Don’t think that the story ends with the battle school. If you do that you are missing most of the story. It grows in scope and imagination beyond anything that you may have expected.

This book is a winner of a number of science fiction awards and it shows – this is a brilliant story and I recommend it even if (like me) you do not read a lot of sci-fi.

A word about the audiobook version – this is truly a production.  There are a number of narrators and it works incredibly well.  This is the way to experience the book.  This is one of the best audiobooks I’ve heard.

The bottom line: read this book.


Note: the above image appears to be a mock up of a book cover by these people.  It may not be real but it is the best I’ve seen…



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