A great day out at the Edinburgh Maker Faire


I had a great day out at Scotland’s first Maker Faire yesterday with my daughter.

It was a mix of electronics, arts and crafts, run by enthusiasts and small companies making bespoke products.

My daughter had her first goes at soldering (when making a silver ring) and riveting (when making a hoola hoop.)

There were gloves that made music when you moved the fingers, soap that looked like cheesecake, 3D printing (good to see, but pretty boring to watch), mini dinosaur making from laser-etched plywood, a large number of sewing machines in the workshop to make cushions, Raspberry Pi enclosures, Arduino starter kits, some of the weirdest bikes you’ve ever seen, puppets and a machine that allowed you to poke virtual objects and get touch feedback.

I was very impressed at how many people there were – it was great to see it so busy – and both of us would like it to come back next year (a London event would be even better for us southerners…)

A big thanks to everybody involved!


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