Mini review: Second Shift – Order (Part 7 of the Silo Series)


This is the second of three prequels to the original Wool stories.

The plot switches between events in Silo 18, where revolt is brewing and an uprising threatens the Silo’s very existence, and Silo 1 where they are deciding how to tackle the situation.

Why do Silos flare up in this self destructive way every once in a while?  Is it because some people remember things that they shouldn’t?

I surprised myself by preferring the events in Silo 1, where the main character Donald is fleshed out more.  The man is coming into his own.

Sometimes – especially with Silo 18 – things can get a bit muddled as the author tries to build up the tension.

But it all comes together in the end, setting things up very nicely for the final part. Hugh knows how to leave you wanting more…

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Second Shift – Order


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