Article: Up (Branson Goes Galactic) – Wired (UK)


With an unthrottled shriek, the rocketplane shudders to full thrust within a tenth of a second, its nose pointed straight up to where the air thins towards the edge of space… At around 80 seconds, the pilot cuts the engine and the rocketplane immediately enters zero gravity.  The passengers have now become astronauts.


This is the first time in a couple of years that I’ve read a copy of Wired . I didn’t have the time and there had not been anything particularly amazing in there for a long time.  However, I recently got an offer to become a subscriber again – 24 copies for £28 – so how could I refuse?

This article about Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is an excellent example of what Wired does right, and also shows why a physical object such as a magazine still has a place. This is a piece that is over 20 pages long and features some great photos, bigger than you could get on an iPad.

Pick up a copy and enjoy…


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