Mini review: Spies of Warsaw (BBC TV adaptation)


Warsaw 1939:  a place (for some at least) of refined high society.  Spies are everywhere.  The build up to, and the start of, World War 2.

A two part drama.  Part one ends on a cliff hanger, good enough to keep you looking forward to the concluding part. Part two sags a little in the middle for a while, but soon picks up again. A poignant ending.

The main character is supposed to be French.  These Frenchmen have the most exquisite English accents… A bit strange when the French are talking to the English.

Sharp dialogue…  always appreciated in a good spy story. Excellent soundtrack – military and menacing.  Foreboding.

The pacing of the story, and the easy way that death and sex occur, reflect Alan Furst’s writing style.  At least, it is highly reminiscent of another book of his that I’ve read – Spies of the Balkans.

Production values even higher than Restless.  This truly shines.  Why is this relegated to BBC Four?

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