Mini review: James Bond: My Long And Eventful Search For His Father by Len Deighton (Kindle Single)


Imagine my joy at finding a new Len Deighton story whilst browsing on Amazon – it’s nearly Christmas and, frankly, it has come early.

He is in his 80’s now, but the story-telling skill and rich humour are still present.

I was listening to the audiobook version of Bomber recently and although I had to stop listening because I did not appreciate the narrator, having Len talking about the background to the book was fascinating.

This Kindle Short gives you some of the same insight into his life in the 1960s.

If you like Deighton’s other writing (or if you are a James Bond fan), then this is well worth investing in.

• Spare Cycles: Len Deighton books

• The Deighton Dossier: Deighton e-book published: a new take on James Bond

The Deighton Dossier

• Wikipedia: The Battle for Bond


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