Mini review: Tai-Pan

A number of years ago I read Shogun by James Clavell and it is probably the best book I’ve ever read.

Recently I fancied something different to the espionage fare that I usually partake of, so I picked this up off the shelf where it had gathered dust for several years.

This is a rousing tale of adventure about the founding of Hong Kong. A story of rivalry between two men and much, much more.

By the half way mark the story is surging ahead, darting between the characters to create a complex, intelligent plot.

I mainly chose this as it is essential background reading for when I tackle the epic and supposedly brilliant Noble House (the next book in James Clavell’s Asian Saga.)

I can see how the language used by the characters could put many people off – the use of pidgin English can be particularly distracting.  Would it have been better to sacrifice some authenticity for an easier read?  Quite possibly…

Overall a good, but not great, book.


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