Mini review: Chicago Lightning – The Collected Nathan Heller Short Stories

This was one of the first Kindle Daily Deals I bought – I’d never heard of the character, but 99p for 13 stories sounded like a deal.  I’m really glad that I went for it.

This has been a longer-term read, made easy by the fact that these are short stories. I find that the Kindle is perfect for short story reading – something that I wouldn’t normally do (for no particular reason). Some of the stories are a bit rushed but all are good and some are excellent.  The case itself has a lot to influence the outcome.

These stories are a mixture of fact, fiction and speculation.  I like the idea of having a fictional character mixing it up with real people in stories about real events – it reminded me of the brilliant American Tabloid by James Ellroy.  It also reminded me of Dragnet – the Old Time Radio show based on real cases.

Nathan Heller is a character I enjoyed spending time with – hard-nosed but not vicious, with a dry sense of humour and no major hang-ups.

There are a lot of novels featuring the character, so I’ll be back for more at some point.



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