The super-responsive Hugh Howey (author of the Wool / Silo series)

I’ve been reading the Wool omnibus book by Hugh Howey (on Kindle) and I am really enjoying it.  I’m about a third of the way through, but I’ve seen that there is a book six in the series: First Shift – Legacy.  Since I first ordered Wool on Amazon the price has doubled and First Shift is no longer available on Kindle.  I should have bought it when I could.  I think this is due to the rights having been sold to a publisher in the UK.

I saw that the book is available on Hugh’s website as a signed copy, but it said to email to get mailing rates to the UK.  I sent a message and got an email back from Hugh himself six hours later.  I was impressed and was really taken aback when I replied and got another response an hour later. He was happy to give details about when his next book is due out and was remarkably open about what is going on in his private life that might affect his relationship with his readers (how quickly he could get a book sent out.)  You’ve got to manage expectations when you do it all yourself.  I assume it was coincidence, but the same day he posted the details on his website

Excellent stuff, Hugh.  Transparency is supposedly the best way to deal with an online audience, and he is doing a superb job.  I might even be buying a book about zombies soon to support him – although it would be a first for me….

The Wool / Silo series reviews

• Wool

• Wool 2 – Proper Gauge

• Wool 3 – Casting Off

• Wool 4 – The Unraveling

• Wool 5 – The Stranded

• First Shift – Legacy

Second Shift – Order


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