Mini review: The Trinity Six (audiobook)



I’ve never done this before.  I am abandoning a book – leaving it unfinished – with no desire to return.  I’ve listened to over an hour and nothing has happened.  The main character is not very likeable (for all the wrong reasons).  I’m not willing to invest any more time on this… crap.

Perhaps the problem lies with the narrator – such a boring, dull voice.  He is unable to inject any emotion into the characters.  There is very little difference between him voicing the main character and when he is simply reading the text.

I also have a book called Typhoon by the same author – I will give that a go as he is supposed to be one of the new generation of British spy story writers and the audiobook has a different narrator.

He’s getting a second chance – there won’t be a third.  I’m not short of good books to read…


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