An evening out at Café Scientifique

I spotted an advert for Café Scientique in Time Out and wanted to check it out.  Last night’s event was called “Hiding in plain site?” and was discussing  steganography (“the art of concealing messages so they are only visible to sender and recipient”).   The event was open to the public, was free and was pretty much full as a result. This is a fantastic way to open up scientific ideas.

The Royal Society is housed in a beautiful building, but the event did actually take place in the café, so you didn’t get a chance to look around.  It would be great to have the opportunity to have a guided tour one day.

The speaker was only talking for about 10 minutes, which seemed a bit short and a bit more depth would have made it more interesting – but the emphasis is on the Q+A with the audience, and we were not afraid to participate.   The first part of the evening is recorded (audio only), then there is a short break where you get a chance to talk things through with the others on the table, then the chance for more questions – but the second half is not taped.

Overall a good evening and depending on the subject I would go again…

• Royal Society:  Hiding in plain site?


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