Film: Funeral in Berlin

Funeral in Berlin


Funeral in Berlin is the second in the series of books by Len Deighton to feature a nameless spy, the first book being the Ipcress File.  In film adaptations the character is called Harry Palmer and played by Michael Caine. I am not a particular fan of either the Ipress File book or film.  I read Funeral in Berlin a long time ago and although I liked the dialogue and the 1960s vibe, I found the plot too confusing.

So I thought the film may clear up some of the story details that did not click the first time round…

Michael Caine is very good as the main character, showing a nonchalant cool and an eye for self preservation – an everyman’s James Bond.  Seeing Berlin as it was at the time is fantastic.  The music is great (surprisingly available on Spotify), in your face at the beginning and then put to one side in favour of silence at some key scenes.

But… although the plot is easier to follow in the film than in the book, the problem is that there is just too much of it.  The funeral of the title is just one element amongst so much other stuff.

There is a lot to like here – but don’t expect to come out of the film with all your questions answered.  And that’s what is so damn frustrating about the whole thing…






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