Circling Amazon

I’m loving my Kindle at the moment, especially as I’ve found an easy way to get content on there.  Readability is a browser extension that does a good job of saving a list of any articles that you want to read later.  Once you are done, go to their site and you can send the articles to your Kindle.  There are also bookmarklets if you don’t want to install any plugins.  So far, the articles have come through very well formatted, and with all pictures.  This definitely beats stripping out the text and emailing it to yourself…

I’m also enjoying short stories and some digital exclusives such as Facts are Sacred: The power of data (Guardian Shorts).  Digital publishing is here to stay, but it is still early days.

Amazon does seem to be pushing the boundaries at the moment, and ruffling some feathers.  I think that 2012 will see it attract more attention (ie criticism) as people really come to terms with its position in retailing and web services.  It is up there with Google, Apple, and Facebook – and at that level there is no escaping inspection.  As a company it has great ambition and the willingness to focus on the long term.

Interesting times…

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