Getting to know you

There’s a limit to the amount of time that anyone can devote to something, and when it comes to podcasts, I need to listen to more like I need a hole in the head (at least if were an earhole it might help…) but I’ve discovered a new one that will definitely be getting my attention.

It is “The Critical Path” on the 5by5 network and is co-hosted by Horace Dediu.  His is a name that crops up every once in a while at Daring Fireball where he is praised highly.

He has some great insight into the world of smartphones, both long and short term.  In the most recent episode he brings up an interesting point about Siri, Apple’s new personal assistant / voice control on the iPhone 4S.  We all know that Google and Facebook collect a lot of personal data on their users to sell to advertisers, but Horace says that Apple will use the data it collects from Siri to find out more about users of the iPhone.   I don’t think of Apple when I think of data driven companies, especially as their income comes mainly from hardware sales.  Assuming he is correct, this will become more and more important to Apple as the technology improves and they get to know you better.  If they do indeed do this, it will be interesting to find out what data they will be collecting, and if this becomes an issue in the future (think about the criticism from some people when it was discovered that the iPad was keeping a record of your previous location details).    Maybe Apple’s new datacentre is not just for iCloud syncing of your data or any future iTunes streaming services.  Maybe it is for something much less visible to the iPhone / iPad wielding masses but even more important to the company in the long term – their repository of data on you.

5by5: The Critcal Path podcast: Getting to know you / The Pipeline interview: Horace Dediu






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