Wired’s great Features podcast

I’ve given Wired magazine a bit of a rough ride recently, but here’s something that I can recommend:  its (relatively) new Features podcast.

Clearly read, the articles come over particularly well in audio.

I think that any periodical that has longer form stories should offer this – I first came across it with the Economist.  It seems to me to be a cheap and easy way to add value and make a subscription more attractive. Certainly, if  they already have the equipment to record podcasts then they just need good narrators.

I understand that content creators want to go all whizz-bang with smartphone and tablet versions, but if they really have faith in what they produce then why not simply give people the words?

Like the best songs, stories are at their most powerful when stripped down to the basics.


An example:

* Wired Features podcast:   The One-Armed-Bandit Bandit by Brendan I. Koerner [direct link] or  [Feed URL (RSS)]

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