What Nature Wants

I’ve started reading Kevin Kelly’s “What Technology Wants”, and it seems to me (although I may be jumping the gun somewhat) that one issue that he faces is explaining how and invisible force can have a “want”.

Recently, I’ve had the chance to see a newborn baby being breastfed and I’m starting to understand (I believe) what Kelly is saying.  A baby, despite all the things that it cannot do, has the ability to suck to a remarkably powerful degree.  Highly impressive.  Obviously, this is so that it can feed from its mother.

In addition, there is the relationship between mother and baby when it is being breastfed – a mother can feel discomfort when she produces milk but the baby does not feed.  This is one of the ultimate mutually beneficial gestures.

So it seems that nature – the greatest invisible force? – is providing the necessary conditions and skills to give a baby the best chance of a healthy start to life.  Nature “wants” life to continue, and it has done since before the human race existed.  Indeed, it has done since life began – whatever form it has taken.

If nature can “want” in that sense, why can’t technology?


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