Bruce and Stevie rock the Underground Garage!

It’s been a while since I spent any time listening to the fine sounds emanating from the Underground Garage, but last week I fancied a bit of Maximum Rock N’ Roll – and I’m glad I passed by.  The show was the first of a three show special series featuring Bruce Springsteen as co-host.   He and Little Steven (the E Street Band’s main guitarist) talk about their early years – how they started playing guitar and the music that got them playing in the first place.  Fantastic stuff, especially when Bruce picks up the guitar to give some examples of how that music has directly influenced his song writing.  It all started with the British Invasion

Listen to The Bruce and Stevie Show – Part 1

“This stuff don’t fall off trees, baby.  It comes from somewhere…”

 The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Cream, Motown, soul, and Stevie going big time over the Rolling Stones.

Some great reminiscing.

Listen to The Bruce and Stevie Show – Part 2

The Who, lugging round a Hammond B3 organ, how quickly music progressed, and the Jimi Hendrix sound that just blew their minds.

Overall, what a great conversation to be able to listen in on…

Listen to The Bruce and Stevie Show – Part 3


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