Bruce Springsteen, Darkness Revisited

Now this was a great surprise.  I had left the TV on last night and after the news came a documentary on Bruce Springsteen and the making of Darkness on the Edge of Town.  It turns out that this was a shorter version (by about 30 minutes) of the film that is part of the new – very expensive – box set “The Promise”.   I was very lucky to catch this out of the blue as it is not going to be repeated (although it will be on the iPlayer for three weeks if you’re in the UK.)   I’d love to know what is in the half hour of footage that was edited out, but that can wait until I have a spare £70 burning a hole in my pocket (hmm..)  An in-depth rundown of the programme can be found here, but check this out for an idea of the type of footage…



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