Even now, sensors generate petabytes of data a day…

…within the next five years, sensor data will hit the crossover point with unstructured data generated by social media. From there, the sensor data will dominate by factors 10-to-20 times that of social media. However, using this data will be difficult for the time being, as there are no standards to ensure the data’s readability beyond those possessing the right software or algorithm. There’s also a question of who owns the data.

…the amount of data is only going to continue to rise, so figuring out how to manage it, what to keep and how to mine it for useful information will become increasingly important. Effectively utilizing this data — from energy to fuel consumption to weather data — could also provide valuable tools or environmental sustainability. Big Data is a big opportunity, but it’s also leading to big questions.


• GigaOM: Sensor Networks Top Social Networks for Big Data


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