“Stream processing” of data to gain faster insight

I’m not an an IBM trip again, but… this sounds like an industry to be in.

• New York Times: I.B.M. Bids $1.7 Billion for Data Company:

Until recently, business intelligence had been seen as mainly a software technology. Information was stored in databases, and the software was sent in to mine the databases for answers…

Today, that approach is often too slow for fast-paced decision-making in both business and science. The traditional model is a rear view mirror. Increasingly, firms want real-time answers and smart predictions about things like buying trends, weather patterns and medical therapies…

The real-time model of business intelligence, though, requires not just software, but a tight integration with hardware… for what is called “stream processing” — parsing data in streams rather than after it is stored in data bases.

Most of the business intelligence companies are also working on so-called in-memory processing systems. Again, the goal is to decipher data on the fly, not after it has been stored in a database. “Massive amounts of data that can be analyzed instantly has tremendous value,” John Schwarz, the former chief executive of Business Objects, said in an interview months ago.

IBM Snags Netezza in $1.7B Business Intelligence Play:

IBM intends to fold Netezza into its Information and Management software suite, padding out its Business Analytics and Organization Consulting group. Over the past four years, IBM has shelled out more than $12 billion to acquire 23 firms offering analytics products and technology. The company now dispatches more than 6,000 dedicated consultants to assist clients with the deployment of its analytics and BI software to help make sense of the proliferation of business data.


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