Review: Hope by Len Deighton

It is pretty remarkable that there can still be revelations in the ninth book of a ten book series, but it is clear – this story isn’t finished yet.  This time there is no introduction from the author to say that this could be read as a standalone book.  It couldn’t – any new reader would be lost.  Loyal readers will be pleased that the action kicks in from the start.  The dialogue is laser focused, the humour low key and dark.  I’m not sure why the death of Bernard Samson’s sister-in-law has become such a defining event in this trilogy (maybe there are some details from previous books that have faded with time from my memory), but it is centre stage here.  The book involves back and forth trips to Poland in a harsh winter, featuring some rather bleak descriptions.  Berlin features prominently too, but is its importance on the wane?  Financial cutbacks threaten London Central.  The cracks are showing.

I can only hope that the final book in the series – Charity – provides the story with the dignified ending it deserves.  Expectations are high.  I shall know soon enough…


One comment

  1. Rob Mallows

    Believe me, Andre, if you’re not already shocked by the revelations and 180 degree turnaround in your understanding of the main characters in Spy Sinker (no 6), you’ll definitely be open-jawed when you read the denouement in Charity.

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