Review: London Match

To celebrate the re-issue of Len Deighton’s Game, Set and Match trilogy, I’m posting a review of the books that originally appeared on my old website.  The book cover shown is the new re-issue cover…  All three books are worth checking out if you fancy some old style Cold War espionage.

Game, Set and Match trilogy:

Book 1: Berlin Game

Book 2: Mexico Set

Book 3: London Match


The final part of the Game, Set and Match trilogy, and I’m racing through this series like nobody’s business. It’s strange how this trilogy has got me hooked – I’ve finished the lot within the last six weeks or so – this last book in under a week.

Fears abound in the London office that there is a second mole, and the finger of blame is pointing in more than one direction. It’s not doing departmental stability any favours at all.

The pace of this book is slower, after the full-on power of Mexico Set. The confusion of the characters, trying to figure out what is going on is passed directly to the reader, and it makes for a bit of a muddled middle section of the book. Just you’re starting to wonder if this is going to be a disappointing end to the trilogy, the last hundred pages kick in again. All of a sudden everything falls into place, and you settle back to see how it all plays out – it works fantastically well. You are immersed into what is going on, more of a spectator than a reader. The quality of the writing really shines through – you are flung along with the characters as the situation suddenly overtakes them and the final showdown occurs. There are repercussions, fallout and casualties. Riveting stuff.



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