Review: Faith by Len Deighton

For the first time in a number of years, I have returned to the Bernard Samson novels by Len Deighton.  The spy who is trying to deal with tumultuous times and events (with varying degrees of success) now features in his third trilogy.  Another two books and his story will be over…  I’ll miss him.

There are a few little contrived events at the beginning to get things underway,  but soon you are engrossed all over again.  If – like myself – you have read the previous seven books in the series, then you are getting exactly what you came for: plot twists galore, office politics and pithy, glorious, dialogue.  For all the action, this part of the story is about the characters.  It is setting the scene for what is coming next, and does an excellent job.  Roll on the next part…


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