2009: Smart beginnings

Looking back, 2009 was the year that I clicked with the idea of Smart technologies – analysis of data to make better decisions and predictions, preferably in (near) real time, from a range of sources but principally large data sets and sensors.

It built on a Wired article and a book that I’d read in 2008, but only really kicked in with the arrival of the IBM Smarter Planet advertising campaign half way through the year.  I understand that it is designed to sell IBM kit and services but there is definitely momentum to the idea (look up things like “smart grid” or “the internet of things“), and not just from Big Blue.

One step was to start an Open University course on “Data, computing and information“, and although demanding on my time, is interesting.  It is a compulsory course to any computing degree with the OU, so may ultimately lead to something bigger…

2010 will be the year to take these ideas and turn them into something more solid as I get my head around what’s really involved.  Apologies if some posts here get distinctly geeky over the course of the next year…


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