Vint Cerf on the internet today and tomorrow

A video of an excellent lecture given by Vint Cerf at the Singularity University.  This covers a number of different points:

• a little history of the internet

• the current problem of running out of IP addresses and the importance of moving to IPv6

• the growth of Asia to become the dominant user base on the internet (and the coming of non-Latin character support in domain names – eg use of cyrillic and other alphabets)

• the growing numbers of mobile devices and sensors connected to the internet, and some of the technical issues this raises

• copyright

• semantic web

Perhaps the most astounding thing that comes out of this in in the last ten minutes or so – the interplanetary internet.  Now, when I first read the phrase a while back I thought it was some flight of fancy, some far off prediction.  But it’s happening now – amazing…


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