Smarter Planet, smarter cities


A couple of months ago IBM started running an ad campaign under the banner of Smarter Planet.   When people asked me why I was getting into the areas of data and analysis, I showed them the ads.  Something really just clicked with me.

Smarter Planet is about looking at issues and problems more intelligently and using technology (especially data analysis) to make improvements.  It’s a really broad campaign, covering a wide range of areas.  There’s also a lot of web resources – a blog, twitter feeds, videos, podcasts.  Big Blue are betting big on this and they want people to know it.  Check out this interview with IBM’s CEO.

And it’s not just IBM – Wired UK are unlocking the Digital City this month too…

Smarter resources:

Introduction website for Smarter Planet

Building a Smarter Planet – the blog

Smarter Planet on Tumblr

Smarter Cities on Tumblr

Follow on Twitter:  @ibmbizanalytics, @smarterplanet

My Smarter Planet links – the Spare Cycles Delicious page for Smarter Planet / Smarter Cities links.

IBMAdvertising’s Channel on YouTube – get the message direct from the source


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