Data is all around – and analysis is the future

To my surprise, my recent post on Wolfram Alpha and data analysis has been very popular.  I made a couple of points that stand out, the first is a quote that I keep returning to:

Data analysis, visualization, and other techniques for seeing patterns in data are going to be an increasingly valuable skillset. Employers take notice.

… and the conclusion of the post where I said:

I see this viewpoint all around me at the moment

Here are some more examples that I’ve come across since the original post.  I understand that the subject is more likely to come up in these sources (!) but it seems clearer now than ever before.

• BBC: More or Less – a radio show that deals with numbers and statistics in the news.  About 10 mins from the end there is an interview with Google’s Chief Economist who says (from the M or L website for this episode) that “the growing availability and role of data give people who can analyse and understand it the edge.”

• Computer Weekly: Recognising value in data (PDF – direct link)


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