Web Squared


I really enjoy watching the videos and interviews that come out of the Web 2.0 summits / conferences.  Now the organisers (Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle) are thinking out loud about what is coming next: Web Squared.  Here are some of the things that are likely to change the way we work and play in the next few years:

• the Web getting smarter – developing a better understanding of meaning and context, with more information from sensors (and humans too…) and better ways of finding patterns in data, leading to previously unnoticed (or unobtainable) insights (also see Wired on the “petabyte age”)

augmented reality – let the Web make your eyes smarter! (how about this for starters?  Or this?)

• real time – what’s on the world’s mind; live information and reaction and the impact on business

• location

The next summit is coming in October – will be well worth checking out.  In the meantime…

Web Squared: Web 2.0 Five Years On


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