How long could Condé Nast “subsidize” Wired?

I recently wrote about the struggle that Wired magazine (US version) is having in finding advertisers.  Looking at how long the new (UK) version of the magazine could effectively be “subsidized” by other magazines in the CN group, I said: 

I hope Condé Nast has the patience, and deep enough pockets, to hold on for the long term.

I  know what follows is hardly scientific, but I received the latest (UK) Vanity Fair yesterday and it is very thin – just 130 pages.  There is a total of 36 pages  of ads, of which three are internal (two pages for a subscription offer and one for Wired magazine.)  After p36 there are no ads at all until you hit the back cover.

Now, I have no idea how the other Condé Nast magazines are doing, but if this is also representative of others in the same stable, then maybe CN’s pockets won’t be deep enough to support Wired (UK) magazine  for very long.  Let’s hope Wired UK is doing well on the subscription front and that sales of the mag haven’t fallen substantially since the launch issue.


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