Len Deighton coming out of the shadows

Last month I wrote a review of an old Len Deighton book that I picked up in a tiny second hand book shop in Scotland.  At the end I wrote:

Deighton seems to be largely overlooked these days and it is a real shame. One day he will make a comeback, when people realise that old fashioned espionage brings adventure that modern day thrillers can only dream about.

I got a comment from a guy called Rob Mallows who said that a number of Len’s books will be issued this year in celebration of his 80th birthday (and also ties in nicely with the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.)

Rob runs a website called the Deighton Dossier, and appears to be on a one man mission to keep Len’s web presence comprehensive and up to date – a worthy aim indeed.   The Deighton Dossier comes highly recommended. 

There has also recently been a radio programme on BBC Radio 4 called The Deighton File – very interesting.  I didn’t realise how prolific an author he was and how famous he became in the ’60s.

Here are a few more links worth checking out:

The Deighton Dossier blog

•  Wikipedia: Len Deighton 

• The Guardian: Len Deighton books

• The Guardian: Happy birthday, Len Deighton

• The Deighton Dossier Forum: Harper Collins to reissue many Len Deighton books

• The Telegraph: Interview with Len Deighton

An Appreciation of Len Deighton (by Rob Mallows too…)

My reviews of the “Game / Set / Match” and “Hook / Line / Sinker” trilogies

On a related (but not Len penned) subject, there is a new book called Free Agent that keeps being mentioned as the “return of the spy story”.  I’ll wait will it is out in paperback, but it reviews are positive.


  1. Rob Mallows

    Thank you for the hat-tip to my site!

    Jeremy Duns’ book Free Agent is very, very good, by the way, I’ve just finished it. He is a potentially worthy successor to Deighton.

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